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I finally broke down and paid for access to one of those over priced newspaper archives so I could do research for the Inner Circle videos and what I've seen changes the story as I understood it in my mind a lot. #hacker #hacking #history
Bismarck Tribune Friday, October 14th 1983, headline reads "Computer probe nets students" and shows 4 teenage boys at a press conference.
Initially there is the report of the raids around October 14th 1983, a press conference with 4 of the kids raided and photos of them all looking very sombre and sorry, a few articles about kids missing their seized computer equipment.
#hacker #hacking #history
Knoxville News Sentinel October 14th 1983, headline reads "Teens' Computer Equipment Seized" and a photo of a teenage boy looking sad, sitting in a bedroom.
There is something else though, a lot of references to another hacker, "The Cracker" who seems to be being built up into a scapegoat or ringleader by whoever decided these first group of kids should do a press conference and get their story out first. Someone is clearly piecing together a narrative here.
#hacker #hacking #history
Fresno Bee, October 14th, 1983, headline reads "'The Cracker' lured teen-agers into committing computer crime"
Eventually on the 16th of October 1983 there is literal front page news that The Cracker has been caught, alongside headlines that explicitly pin the blame for all of the hacking on him, even detailing that the first kids raided handed his number over to the authorities.

I can only imagine what this kind of media attention would do to a 17 year old back then. #hacker #hacking #history
Arizona Daily Star headline from October 16th 1983 which reads "FBI uncovers 'the Cracker,' a crafty computer-code supplier"
Austin American-Statesman headline from October 16th 1983, "Young 'cracker' called computer code source"

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