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Houston we have a problem!

Today I created a test user to try if my Twitter connector is working (fun thing, it is working on the second attempt to connect, on the first it was read only).

Now after the test was finished I deleted the user via the /remove me function, I entered the password and pressed the button there. Now the user is still shown in /admin/users and it can't be deleted by me (the admin).

However the user shows up in /admin/users/deleted and it says will be deleted. So it seems it is only a cosmetic thing. Also I have the option (trash can button) to delete other users.

I don't care in that particular case, but it seems something there is b0rken.

This is how it looks:

Never mind the red arrow.

!Friendica Support #Friendica @utzer

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No. Works as intended. The tabs are "All" which means all existing accounts (incl. those waiting for permanent deletion), "Active" (the normal, accessible accounts), ..., "Deleted" (the accounts waiting for permanent deletion).
@Steffen K9 🐰 yeah, probably should default to active, I see it now. πŸ˜•
All users are shown in the "All" tab, including users slated for deletion. If you try the "Active" tab, this user will not show.
@Hypolite Petovan good point, but that is new, right? I know it was not like this before, before the deleted users were shown in the bottom. Thanks.
No, it's been reworked with filtering tabs.
@Hypolite Petovan yes, as I wrote, it changed. Maybe as I wrote below, it would be nice to have the "active" tab selected by default. But I don't care about that, now that I know it.

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