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A #tutorial on #Newsboat queries and #FreshRSS web scraping to enhance my #RSS experience, due to @thelinuxcast getting me into a rabbithole of new and old channels to check out. Day 30 of #100DaysToOffload
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Argh, your not helping me 😄. I really need to get FreshRSS setup, I've wanted it for ages. Now your like teasing me 😄.
@adamsdesk Well, there are a couple of free instances available actually. I found this one

its in french but you can change it afterwards
Well thank you, but I think I will stick to my plan of having it self-hosted on my LAN. I have a dedicated PowerEdge R620 just waiting for endless fun.
@adamsdesk You better get it up and running then! :blobcatderpy:
I know I know, just so much going on. You know how it goes. One spends more time working on other people's systems then your own 😏. I'm slow picking away at getting my tasks done once and for all.
Another big plus of using #Newsboat is that my feeds are actually sorted by date. When I add new posts to #FreshRSS, the web ui decides to put all the posts to the top of the feed, so I end up having to scroll quite a bunch
"today I learned about Newsboat queries, and its an absolute game changer for me" That's because you're not an avid reader of my blog 😀 Self promotion aside, newsboat has so much to offer! It's one of those tools that hide huge power behind simplicity and humility. There're a bunch of tools that are not relying on their appearance and would deserve more recognition.
@wwwgem I recall you having a different URL I was following. If you didn't change it so often :blobcatderpy:
I changed it only once. I moved from gemini to the "regular" web. It was too much for me to take care of the technical aspects of things in addition to writing the posts but then I discovered
So I'm back online... for now.
@wwwgem yeah, I now added your new blog to my feed. Awesome to have you back 😛

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