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#FreshRSS was struggling after I imported almost 1.2K feeds to it. #Nextcloud broke after #Yunohost did weird things, and other shenanigans of #selfhosting with my #RaspberryPi.

All this and more, on today's #blog, day 31 of #100DaysToOffload :blobcatderpy:
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@rom I have jellyfin (no transcoding tho), navidrome and a calibre web
Maybe you should try out piped. It's a minimal web frontend for youtube, similar to invidious. It can give you a single rss feed for all channels you follow.
I already use Piped 😛

I actually figured that out! but I decided to get the feeds directly from youtube since the instance could end up being down or something
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Then why did you bother importing 1200 feeds? Do you prefer having each channel in it's own feed?
my brain blacked out :blobcatderpy:

I literally realized my mistake after I clicked the import button xD

The purpose would be, that my rss reader has notifications, while piped does not
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If you really want notifications, there is libretube for android. Although I don't get why you'd ever need notifications when using piped. You just open it and see everything new that has been uploaded by the people you follow.
I didn't know Libretube had notifications, huh

What I did makes no sense, I just play around like that and experiment with things. What I do doesn't usually have a greater purpose xD
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