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Today I tried #ClawsMail and took sometime to organize my #Email inbox. I also reread some old conversations, which was quite fun too. This is day 9 of #100DaysToOffload cc:@bbbhltz
I used #ClawsMail a long time ago and really loved it. I tried it last year and it seemed to have some issues with Gmail. Does your setup include any Gmail addresses?
@tin It does now, I just followed the wiki guidelines. I had to create my own OAuth key thingies.

Everything's here if you read it properly it should work fine πŸ˜›
@tin@RL_Dane you may be interested in this, since I recall you not using Claws due to the lack of oauth, you might wanna check it out! If you went thru the trouble of setting up kde this is easy :blobcatderpy:

I'm still 'rasslin' with KDE. My Panel is giving me fits. I just tried the latest kernel, and I'm hoping it'll fix the black-screen and/or unresponsive after resuming from suspend issue.

New hardware (and non-Lenovo) is a trip.

Neon? Or did you just install plasma on something else?

#OpenSuSE #Tumbleweed, which is a KDE-by-default (but not exclusively so), rolling-release (but not bleeding edge), fairly stable, RPM-but-not-RedHat-based distro.
It's got some warts, It's SuSE, GmBH's equivalent to fedora, but with a little less end-user sugar. But it *is* pretty easy to use. Just not as easy as Manjaro or Kubuntu.



I keep a running tally of things I have to do to it to make is usable, like hunting in the install tool to find where I can set the hostname, silly things like that.

But if you're willing to learn, experiment, and troubleshoot (a little!!), it's actually pretty nice.

I kinda love KDE-focused distros, and look ma! no snaps! πŸ˜›
@RL_Dane@stwhite@tin thanks for using my comment section for this very related stuff :blobcatderpy: (dont worry lol)

Hey, I was asked, I answered. πŸ˜›

You should be glad... all my inane ramblings will be worth something someday... lol

Bookmarked! I might try it on my thinkpad some time.

I'm so lazy now that I have a 12th-gen i7 with 32GB ram...

"Yeah, I'll just leave some firefox tabs open, run Falkon for some messaging stuff (so I don't have to muck with Electron), and a whole 'nother gecko engine with Thunderbird... meh."

I've become the very thing I hated!!!! lol
I can relate. I've got the M1 Max 32GB and "who cares about how many browsers I have open?"

Unless it's chrome and one tab takes up 64GB of RAM
@stwhite@RL_Dane My quest for a lightweight browser is never-ending. I really like Palemoon, but Palemoon does not like a lot of the modern web, sadly.

One does not simply maintain a fork of Firefox.

My favorite lightweight browser is... w3m. Yep. Commandline.

For graphical, it's a toss-up between Dillo (almost useless, but kinda dear), NetSurf (almost useful, that's what's so frustrating!), and luakit/qutebrowser with a side of's Surf.

But I would highly recommend Falkon. It's not *super* lightweight, but it's a VERY functional WebKit browser.
@RL_Dane@tin@stwhite Dillo can be used to display html email in Claws actually (it's only plain text by default) and it worked quite well on my testing

Honestly, why in heck do we need full Gecko/Webkit engine to display HTML emails? That is so stupid! I don't want that much of an attack surface via email! (even without JS, obviously)
@RL_Dane@tin@stwhite try claws man, if you already have like 5 emails clients or smth why not one more?

lol, I've used it (and its daddy Sylpheed) in the past. I'll try it again if I need to get some real work done on one of my low-spec boxen.
@RL_Dane seriously, this needs to be printed out and wrapped around the cluebat.
Gmail doesn't like me. And it's even a Gmail workspace account, not personal gmail. Just get an auth error and it keeps asking for my password. No alerts or errors when I log into the gmail web interface. :blobcatderpy:
@RL_Dane did you follow the oauth guide in claws' wiki?
I found it. When I saw that I had to create my own API key... for every email address (I manage at least four)... not happening, mein freud. I *just* managed to get my own API key for rclone going. I can't imagine doing it multiple times in one day. :/
I just set it up, and it does work! I've been using aerc to get my gmail at the command line, so I may be spoiled by that, but I'll take another look at Claws, because we deserve better than Thunderbird, honestly.

I even bookmarked this, and then completely forgot about it and discovered it with some ducking.

HIGH quality gray matter, I tell ya! πŸ˜›
re some of your hopes with #neomutt: to select and move multiple emails, you can tag them (press 't' or 'Esc-t' to tag a whole thread) and then to perform a command on them all, do the command prefixed by ';'. For example, to move all tagged emails to a folder called 'Archive':

@phoebos yes I went and figured this out after some research. It's awesome

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