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Does anyone tried to import data to a JSON using Hugo? I'm having this error when trying it and I can't figure out how to solve it 🤔

The site params are ok, I'm already using them on other parts of the site. I'ts only here where it fails.

#hugo #jamstack
... in other words: is it possible to create a JSON template that gets created in build time? So different partials could use it as a JSON file from the Date folder
Did you managed to....?

( As #hugo newbie, i'm eager to learn #JSON data importing , too )

#jamstack #SSG

Do you have a git repository or something... that i could work on in order to reproduce the scenario in my laptop ?

Hi! Not yet, but I'm suspecting that it would be not necessary or plainly redundant. You can fetch an API REST from any template and use it's data there. Right now I'm using the book "Build websites with HUGO" by Brian P. Hogan. It's pretty good!

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