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I can't find any other self-hosted cloud services that supports Nextcloud other than FileRun[1]. I have tried FileRun before and I loved it, but didn't keep it because it is not open sourced.

But I am very tired of how slow Nextcloud is so I might install FileRun anyway 😒

Or do you have any suggestions? The service must be as easy as Nextcloud to install or via Docker. Support for ARM is required since I use RPi.


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what do you mean with "that supports nextcloud"? you wanna migrate? I know that seafile is kinda good, but idk
I want to still use Nextcloud's clients and support. Compability would maybe be the best word for it.
I see, you might want to just get rid of nextcloud all together and use different services for different things, like using Radicale to work with Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, Seafile for just file management and other things for the rest, I don't know about how to deal with that tho, depends on you
That thought have slipped my mind, but I don't know. We'll see.
I have now enabled HTTP/2 and made some other configurations for Apache and PHP on my server.

Now, Nextcloud loads faster 😌 Will see if I can tweak the performance even more.

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