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Great news!
#lemmy is receiving a grant by the NLnet.
Read their announcement:

Also, consider donating so that the momentum doesn't stop once the grant money is spent.

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both #Liberapay & #patreon are #privacy-abusing #CloudFlare sites. And worse, CF is a centralized #netneutrality abuser which undermines the decentralization #Lemmy hopes to achieve. I would not donate until they move off @Liberapay & Patreon.
Please stop spamming us and our users with unsubstantiated accusations against Cloudflare. It's annoying and you're not convincing anyone.

#CloudFlare claims substantiated: It's especially stupid to trust CF for financial transactions.
Your first link confirms that your claims aren't substantiated: “This is not, of course, evidence or proof.”

Your other links aren't any better. Two of them are from 2016 and are at least partially obsolete.

I never made the claim that the US gov. has #CloudFlare's view of the data, so I have no need to substantiate the US role. My claim that CF centralizes the web is well-substantiated in those articles. What does CF do differently after 2016 that you believe supports decentralization & #netneutrality?

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