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Reading this , my thought seems to go in an unusual direction: Browsers are partitioning their caches?

They're probably doing it to prevent timing attacks. Similar to Spectre, but not a CPU-level vulnerability.

But it immediately struck me as a probable performance regression. I reckon network timings shouldn't be exposed to webpages, but doing so would once again break most JS. JS was a mistake!
#Google itself is advocating self hosting of the fonts it offers. Let me guess, they will be deprecating #googlefonts quite soon
I hope they depracate #Google #ReCAPTCHA / #CAPTCHA, no matter if it's with or without user interaction. The problem is the #JavaScriptTrap, the #JavaScript / #JS which is not #FreeSoftware.

#UserFreedom #FreeJS #LibreSoftware #FreeSW

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