Arran mastodon (AP)
What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

Please Boost šŸš€
free and open source desktop hardware
Brendan Howell mastodon (AP)
Graphical page layout / typesetting software for print (desktop publishing).
Does Scribus fit your requirement?
dywen mastodon (AP)
Scribus needs care and work. It's frustr-ware.. :unacceptable:
Brendan Howell mastodon (AP)
I theory, yes, but in practice, it does not work reliably or do what I need. I am especially interested in something that would be really simple: pages, boxes, images and text flows ā€“ for teens or students who just want to make a magazine or small booklet. Basically, something like a 25 year old version of Quark Express would be the dream.
I see. I do think some developers make things too complex!
Libreoffice can do all of that & its pretty easy to use.
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dywen mastodon (AP)
Doing basic layout in Libre Office just doesn't cut it. Your textflow tools are not flexible enough, images can have weird behaviour. If you use high def images, libre office becomes sluggish. It's really good for what it is, libre office, magnificent tool. But it is not desktop publishing software. If you are coming from the adobe universe, and are confronted with the news of #Scribus ---- eye roles galore.. šŸ˜µ What a pity!
I use both #Scribus and @libreoffice , and if I recall it correctly, both have options to disable in-document image preview, which greatly speeds up stuff and allows enabling preview only when needed (like when cropping).
I wish I could order food from some local shops using FOSS. So a platform where Pizza delivery services and alike could register and I could order stuff from them: Real game changer.

I mean, in FOSS we built tools for all the things left and right with our little finger. But when it comes to real survival, we really suck.
With more countries implementing #GNU #Taler and the recent #PayTo scheme, it might be possible: , see ā€œGNU Taler news: 'Payto' URI scheme for payments publishedā€.

The challenge is that many countries still prefer to roll their own system, like #Brazil #BancoCentral's #Pix, which seems to depend on goodwill of each #bank to make each #App #FreeSoftware: .

#FreeSW #FreeSoftware #BCB #SoftwareLivre #SoftwareLibre #Brasil
Christopher corgidon (AP)
How about a maps service that allows input like current traffic, road construction, police ahead, or other road hazards.

A framework to allow synchronisation between devices on a local network. Because why should I need ā€œthe cloudā€ to synchronise my agenda between my laptop and my phone which are in the very same room on the same WAN?

So in short: Bonsai, but production-ready
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