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I don't really like Signal. I don't like Telegram either. Wire is acceptable, but also clunky. It kinda sucks that people have to basically choose and commit to one app with all of their contacts now, if IM apps were federated like e-mail and Mastodon you could just keep talking to your friends from wherever.

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i hope something based on element can be this. perhaps something on your phone that forwards any sms messages into it?
#riot-android and #synapse are #apache2.0

is your argument that there's only one true free-software license, and that it the hallowed #gpl?
I never said that β€œthe only free license is #GPL”. See the #FSD's participation guide and review/submission guidelines (both linked from the start/home page) to see what is considered in the reviews.
#fsd #gpl
because if it is - the #fsf recommends #apache2 as the go-to permissive license
As you say, apache2 is permissive, not free software. Free software means copyleft license. Permissive license only means open source. That's what the other guy is talking about.
in the context of criteria for inclusion in the directory, any free license, either permissive/lax or copyleft (strong or weak) is acceptable. That said, your comment is half true.

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