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Report – Algorithm-driven Hiring Tools: Innovative Recruitment or Expedited Disability Discrimination? - Center for Democracy & Technology:
I don't like those either, first because they generally require use of something that is not #FreeSoftware, autoexecuted through the @Web #Browser using #JavaScript.

Second, I have monocular sight and color blindness, so I expect webpages to respect my system-wide text font and size choices. The less images the better too. Using images to make tables is bad also, a way to make me fail a timed logic test.
Good to know!
Don't worry, I never said to avoid all use of #JavaScript. Being also a #JS liberator (I foster and, when called and when resources allow me to, I help websites implement changes to comply with #LibreJS), I like it very much. At the same time, I'm of the opinion that the less autoexecuted client-side scripting, the better.
For disabled people, zooming works for text only if: nothing invades the view/scroll; no position or distance is set by the style in a way that makes text kerning and line margins collide if using big text; everything uses default overflow/scrollbar.
Zooming doesn't work for most images.

Even that, most timed logic tests seem to transmit text data using images, making text unselectable.

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