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Own Post not in own stream

Hello !Friendica Support,

this post did not appear in my owns stream /profile/montag. I can see the post on test accounts on Diaspora and on Libranet. If i click on the Link to original post i can see the post but with a weird address line: Montag via Montag

#Friendica #bug

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Well, isn't it monday? 😁

The page says "mastobikes_de group hat dies geteilt". Possibly it is some issue with this.
Ah yes ok, of course it is monday, i think, this is the problem 😉

I think, that is a problem with "mastobikes_de group hat dies geteilt", therefore the other two test posts with the pictures 😉.
Yes, the problem is, that i have shared the post with mastobikes_de. This post also does not appear in my own timeline:
And I do receive these posts as private messages (DMs/PMs) on Misskey. 😀
Ah ok, so the service, newly discovered by me, doesn't seem to work quite right. So I won't share anything with it for now 😉.
Well, the pictures are pretty good. 😀
Well, we should fix this. Would be great if would be as easy to use like our forums.
That would be the best solution, thank you in advance 😉
The contacts from appears in the forums widget.
That's okay.

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