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Hello !Friendica Support,

As I just noticed, my own public posts do not appear on the /community page on my server.

Friendica 'Red Hot Poker' 2021.03-dev - 1385

#friendica #bug
I seem to remember it’s by intentionally filtered out. Do you have another user you can verify this from?
I have found it with my test account.
So it is intentional, thanks for the confirmation!
@Hypolite Petovan I was a little tired and maybe I explained it wrong and misunderstood you 😉

I checked it with my test account and also there the public posts of my main account don't appear on the /community page. I have also tested it with a second browser, so I don't think it can be a cache problem.
Now I have created a public post with my test account. This post appears on the /community page. So I think it is a problem with my main account.

The value Do not list public posts on the Settings page is not selected.

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