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Hello !Friendica Support,

Registration on my server is open by approval. However, at the moment it is not possible not to approve the registration, because unfortunately nothing happens when I press the Deny button on the /admin/users/pending page. The contact remains in the list.

Friendica 'Red Hot Poker' 2020.12-rc - 1384, PHP 7.4.13

#friendica #rc #bug
@Montag can you open an issue? Because the release is expected to be really near - and this sounds like some blocking stuff ... gnarf ...
@Hypolite Petovan you had done so much at this place, possibly you can find it faster?
I'll have a look tonight.
Accepting a request works fine, only rejecting the registration does not work for me.
Started looking into it, on frio I can deny registrations with the garbage button on each registration line or by selecting the checkboxes and clicking the "Deny" button.

Can you please elaborate on the theme and the deny method (per registration or in bulk) used?
I tried to delete the user with the garbage button and by selecting the checkboxes and clicking the "Deny" button. In both ways, the user remains in the list users/pending. But in the list users/ this symbol appears in the user line.

And today (a few hours later) he is also in the /users/deleted list and is waiting for permanent deleting.

I found this in the friendica.log. The uid of the user i want to refuse is 81.

DB Error {"code":1451,"error":"Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`friendica`.`photo`, CONSTRAINT `photo_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`uid`) REFERENCES `user` (`uid`))","callstack":"DBA::delete, User::deny, Pending::content, call_user_func, Page::initContent, Page::run, App::runFrontend","params":"DELETE FROM `user` WHERE `uid` IN (81);"} - {"file":"Database.php","line":765,"function":"e","uid":"9db635","process_id":27450}

Maybe I'm making a mistake too, but I think if I deny a user registration, they should be deleted right away and not appear on the /users/deleted page.
Thanks, the database stuff was exactly the origin of the problem. Fix is underway.
And it works again, thank you.

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