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@Joseph Teller To be honest @Joseph Teller, i'm not that much "fanatic" to follow the path you described. I don't know who and that could be his "enablers" and i don't care anyway.
give it time, @hackbyte, your nick will probably come up too 😀) in my sole interaction with him, he was very keen to be blocked and repeatedly
stated that i would do so. He tried insulting my presumed culture (wrong), my location on the planet (also wrong) and then stated that i used Windows which almost did the trick ;)). And is also wrong. This latest nonsense is too boring and wacko, though, so i finally get to Ignore someone. Maybe his aim is to be the most ignored person on d*? i'm sure we can grant him that wish.
@Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier Well .. my nickname is already included twice ...... I opened a actually unused #friendica account somewhere, just called "hackbyte (friendica neu)" (friendica new) ....... and even that funnily got incorporated in his actual target list........ ;)
hahha! so he has put a bit of effort into this XD he's nothing if not keen! and cryptic.
Another one... 😒
ivаn zlах |
@Alien (A23P) I work with who???
@hackbyte what percentages do you work with @spacedream ?
@Alien (A23P), so you are troll too? or simply stupid.
simply posed a question.
no reason to put any more to the question than what's actually there.
suggest to stop turning to name calling as a first response as you do such on a regular.

you just reminded me of one my favorite scenes from "don't hug me i'm scared"....
comes up at, appropriately enough 3:06 in the segment
Another one:
@Passagier 451 Yep ... just got the notifications...... meh ;)
@hackbyte not sure there's even a point to keeping a list.....

kinda suspect ivan is just basically spoofing domains at this point.
Poor little bugger, but he's a pain in the ass ... 🤣
@Alien (A23P) Nop, he actually creates new accounts on existing federated pods.......
simply posed a question.
no, its not. you simply spit to my face by your provoking "question". now i noticed your intention. even after you read about my deep pain i shared that troll created to me. you have no heart too? same as zlax demon. i don't trust your smiles anymore, probably they are fake, same as you are. be proud on your self now. 🙁
@Alien (A23P), just ban me if you don't like me. and make troll zlax happy. he probably get some bonuses in pay for each case, who knows...
He's back again the poor little bugger

ivаn zlах
And another one...

ivаn zlах
@Passagier 451 heh .. i didn't even see the second one.. thx..... ;)
Hope we are soon rid of the nuisance... 😁
i heard natos planes start flies already inside russia, few times per day... looks like the day then ivan will dissipated once from internets is very high chance. tribunals is coming, vanya!
And another one: ivan zlах
zapped, thanx!
maybe making sense to create post with tag #zlax so we can subscribe to it ;)
or zlax-troll 😀)

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