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!Friendica Admins I made 4 themes for Friendica, all with light and dark variants. You can grab them from here and here you can see them all - did it for our friendica node. Feel free to use them ;) - I know I can clean them up, and make them in a saner fashion, but I don't have time for that. So yah, thought to share them with freindica admins... ;)

Few samples:

Cool, you know what Friendica is lacking? a Dark Mode, could be a button to change between themes?
I'd love to see that ;). Maybe you can open an issue on Github if is not one already opened. Probably an addon for that would be the solution
@Admin charlaMX@Tio As simple as #Invidious has: Sub-themes with different coloring of the elements. That would be very cool. 😀, e.g. frio becomes frio-light and frio-dark is being added (2 different CSS files).

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