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Help setting up VSCode to work on Friendica

!Friendica Support
Can someone help me setup #VSCode to work for friendica? I have some extensions that changes quotes, etc and I don't want to disable/enable my extensions every time I switch project. I want to respect the devs preferred code specs.

I have Vetur, Prettier and ESLint. When I save a file every single quotes are changed to double quotes 😛.

[Hope this works I never used friendica before, not sure how to post to forum lol]

#Friendica #coding

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I'm using VSCode as well, but I don't have this extension enabled, so I can't tell how to work around this.
BTW: Thanks for having a look at Friendica and possibly doing some stuff!
@Michael Vogel Ok thanks, I might just disable all my nodejs/vue extensions so I can get started then, but I know me, I will forget to re-enable them when I work on another project and 2 devs will be mad (me and the repo maintainer lol). Are you working on Friendica too from time to time?
Also, are you on Matrix? Looking for people that could help and give hints if I get stuck on how the backend works and stuff. I joined the unofficial friendica channel on matrix.
If you define "from time to time" with "on a daily basis", then yes 😁

Concerning extensions: I'm using mainly these ones:
  • PHP Intelephense
  • PHP DocBlocker
  • GitLens
  • Git History
  • Doxygen Documentation Generator
  • Remote - SSH
I'm on Matrix and indeed I guess I already answered you in that room 😀
@Michael Vogel Oh are you the one who made the comparison with hubzilla for me yesterday? (For privacy reason I prefer not to ask your name on matrix directly)

Thanks for the extension list, gonna install them right away 😀
I'm using the same nick name across the whole internet 😀
@Michael Vogel 😮 I dare you! lol

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