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Hi, I'm a computer engineering student that loves reading 📖 , tabletop games 🎲, nature 🌳, and architecture 🕍. I moved to Friendica from Mastodon and am enjoying my new freedom of long posts, rich text, and better privacy controls.

#introduction #computerengineering #reading #tabletop #games #nature #architecture #Friendica #mastodon
Welcome at Nerdica! 😀
@Ingo Jürgensmann Thank you for hosting me! 😄️
@Glowing Lantern ... and don't forget that you can use your account credentials for XMPP/Jabber chat, just in case you are also looking for an WhatsApp alternative. I've described a little bit on for my Mastodon site, but that's valid for Nerdica as well, beside the domain part of course... ;)
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