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My take:

Facebook etc are private platforms, therefore I respect their removal of whatever content they wish to remove.
The fact that they have so much apparent influence over what the people of the world see and therefore think, is a problem. This problem is solvable by people - Everyone knows they have too much power, so stop using them - which removes their power.
It is not overly difficult, expensive, or constrained by too much government regulation to start or go use your own social network. Don't involve government in problems that people can fix; People need to suffer the consequences of their inaction or laziness and not be taught that government will "save" them every time.

TLDR: It is simultaneously "ok" that Facebook etc ban whatever content they want, and bad that they have so much power to shape reality. The people have the ability to fix this without the government getting involved.
I completely agree. My only concern is that, to do so, average people should be less imbecile and lazy. If that would happen, not only this pirates would be punished but Democracy would recover my respect. For the moment... we still need a noble oligarchy, not the septic-tankers we "enjoy".

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