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Day three in Buenos Aires. The day prior I ordered a dumpster & organized two young Colombian men to help me carry out all the dead plants from the terrace. I had managed to block a parking spot right in front of the house the night before & the dumpster was to be delivered between 8-10 in the morning. I showed up at 8:10 & it was already there! The guys showed up at 9 right on time & together we worked for three hours getting rid of all the detritus. It was hard work but very satisfying. /1
Empty terrace
After a shower and resting for a couple of ours, I met up with Mado and had a lovely San Telmo afternoon and had my first ice cream since coming back. There is NOTHING like Argentine ice cream. So so so delicious and creamy especially in a blistering hot day. /2
Two women holding ice cream smiling at the camera.
I them made my way to Palermo and met up with Frank and Tom who I hadn’t seen in about 14 years I think. It was such a nice catch up. Then Frank invited me to dinner with his daughter and we had a lovely vegetarian dinner. And after that, another ice cream. This was incredible. I got Sambayon-Santi’s favorite flavor. I got home just before midnight and didn’t get out of bed until 8:30. #Day24 #365happydays2023 #BuenosAires #Argentina #Trabajo #amigos #walking #photography #postphotos /end

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