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The #fediverse logo design challenge is still waiting for someone to collect the $1 million prize ;)

@pfefferle just pointed to a very nice old logo design.. the one of the Federated Social Web Summit:

Maybe and brightness of current #logo can be combined with the more organic #design of this logo?

Fedi is grassroots and organic, after all, right? But also more vibrant and diverse, than a growing 'spore' that the matte green conveys.

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Does #Fediverse not have an icon yet?! This must be solved.

The Fedilab icon is brilliant but it can't be too similar to that obviously.

The green one above is a bit too busy.

I am indeed using the other colorful logo for some time now, but apparently it is still a proposal, also stated as such on Wikipedia:

The other one is indeed quite busy, but I like the more organic feel, instead of very techical, rational balanced node grid.

In terms of topologies the current logo stands for 'fully connected', while #fediverse is much more of a 'mesh'.
If I manage to find the time, I'll try a mash up 😉
As a Tor user we cannot #UploadImages.

If you are able to access the image, please upload it so others can more easily see it.
I can't see @dsfgs 's image. Anyway, I'm working on something here... One of the things I do not like from the orginal perfect pentagon is that it is too "tight", in the sense that it looks too rigid, and the #Fediverse is anything but rigid, and that's something I liked from @pfefferle 's suggestion. The central figure is my main idea, the others are copies and support material. It still needs work (so it looks OK on dark background, and monochrome)

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