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Hi Eldo, I forgot about the wonders of CHLORINE DIOXIDE.
Also thze benefits of DRINKING OZONE, in water.
The incredible benefits of BROWN's GAS ( simple to make from water ) that is officially used in CHINA...
Have you seen the pictures of the big Open AIr Music Festivals in WUHAN, CHINA.
There is a report in NATURE JOURNAL from WUHAN that shows that ASYMPTOMATIC people DON'T TRANSMIT COVID_19...
That also is on my Stream.

A Chief Medical Scientist / Ambassador for the WHO declared on OCTOBER 12
that LOCKDOWNS must STOP, they DON'T work and are causing far more problems (MILLIONS of Deaths world-wide, traumas, poverty etc. )
The VIDEO is on my Stream....
A lot of my research papers are also from the CDC, WHO, NIH, NHS etc., etc., etc.
I can understand concerns about lockdowns and interfering with necessary economic functioning, but why all the fuss about mask mandates? what's the butthurt about wearing a mask? you can still buy / sell / trade / work / transport even consume with a mask. What is the problem?
Hi Buzz, What are you trying to say. I am unsure......... Dhan
Hi, I COULD SAY MORE.............................. Dhan
Hi buzzkill ,
In between the incoherent parts you are actually supporting my claims, whether you realize it or not.
I can back up ALL my claims with HARD SCIENCE and REAL EVIDENCE.

Some NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS are very good.

The CONTROLLED and CREATED OPPOSITION is also a big problem.
................................ Ciao ................. Dhan
It is obvious that you are a POWDER-MONKEY ( HARD DRUG ADDICT, TRANSFERENCE / PROJECTION being one of the symptoms, besides DISSOCIATION etc. ).................... Ciao............. Dhan
Wow Dhan, more extremely incorrect claims with again gasp No Evidence!

No surprise from you and your kind.

Who do you think you are going around announcing the claims that you guys do with No Evidence??

Do you just do it for attention?

Feelings of power and control?

You claim to know something about "science", but where is it? Where is the evidence you "claim" is real?

You have provided NONE. And your words are obviously as cheap and thin and worthless as that of any other con artists or crack pot.

You would be completely worth no time at all, if your kind wasn't rapidly killing nurses and other innocent citizens all over this country

I will be in full favor of harsher mask mandate regulation and enforcement as it is obvious your kind has no interest in** REASON** or GOOD or TRUTH

And will respond to NOTHING except jail.
Hi Central Intelligence, I am dropping out of this Comment Stream......
The SCIENCE and EVIDENCE is on my Stream for anyone who is interested OR ( because this is a very important topic ) they can contact me individually......

Take care.................... Dhan
There is also sufficient evidence based on the projected 3-4% death rate that was initially claimed that the lockdowns have far exceeded the number of lives that would have been lost had we let the virus runs its course naturally. Now, because we took the approach you are suggesting, even children are beginning to take their own lives at record numbers because they can't take the isolation anymore. I simply couldn't standby and watch the people in power take any more lives just for the sake of further lining their pockets.

That's all. If you truly believe it to be about public safety, then that's on you. But, until we fully reopen the world more and more lives will be lost and destroyed due to the lockdowns. These are crimes against humanity and should be treated as such.

I for one want them to all be put on trial once all is said and done really. Killing millions for the sake of profit while covering it all up is the worst crime I can possibly think of, and that's what is being done. I rest my case here.

Thanks for the heads up either way Dhan.
You take care as well.
For those that want the truth: here is TONS of evidence to back the claims of those who defended my stance on this whole thing.

I've been extremely busy trying to get my life back in order after the restrictions rerouted my entire life which was just starting to go in the right direction after some personal setbacks I experienced not too long prior to this madness, so I apologize that I haven't had much time to chime back in until now.

On the bright side, I'm doing much better now despite the fact that I feel like I live on prison planet now. Heh. Madness is what this is I tell you.

Total madness.
Hi Central, I applaud your stance and comments. We need more people like you.

Dr. Pierre Kory US Senate hearing - Ivermectin is 100% cure for COVID-19

........................... Take care.......... Dhan

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