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Friendica 2021.07 released

Gracias muchachos. Exelente trabajo.
Umm, are you sure you know git? 😀 (I DO NOT!)
You say I shall do
git fetch
git checkout stable

But then git says
Your branch is behind 'origin/stable' by 819 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.
(use "git pull" to update your local branch)

But you have not told me to pull. Is it fine not to pull? 😉
You should do git pull so that your stable branch becomes up to date with the upstream stable branch.
@Tobias would be good to include the git pull, right? Also can we replace "BRANCH" with "stable" for the future? I mean this is a update notification, anyone wanting to do the update should checkout stable, nothing else, at least for this notification, right?
The `man` say "pull" equals to "git fetch && git merge", so I guess it shall be "got merge" (but it's no accident that I dislike git due to its obscure command structure and even more obscure documentation).
I guess, based on that, both pull and merge would be fine. It is also possible that in some cases checkout is enough? I can't tell.
There is an important distinction between your local repository that you cloned and the remote repository you cloned from. Each branch you check out from the remote repository is duplicated on your local repository. On checkout the local branch is set on the same commit as the remote one but from then on, it will be completely independent. If you currently are on somebranch, git pull actually is equivalent to git fetch remote && git merge remote/somebranch somebranch. You are merging the remote branch into your local branch. If you didn't commit any work on your local branch, it can simply be reset to the current remote branch commit, this is the meaning of "fast-forwarded".
I would suggest git reset --hard remote/master
Thank you all for the demonstration of why I dislike git. 😁
I give you one week to figure out the exact half dozen commands and parameters which does not mess up everything. :-]

(As a sidenote, I rm -rf-ed it because it started acting really weird, like complaining half of the files being local updates which were not, and cloned a fresh one and it was upgraded just fine. And sent mental greetings to git authors.)

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