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In my #battery install I'm making progress! Cable is now where it needs to be (I found an only cable route in could follow) and boards are down for the batteries. I'll finish today by tidying up the cable run. No batteries will be installed today (as expected!). 😃
Meter cupboard in the background with me holding the cable, that is now where it should be, in my hand.
My loft with insulation on the floor. Two chipboard panels have been cut and screwed in place to hold the batteries. It sits close to the inverter which is currently installed.
I should point out that this is not a power cable. It is only a Cat5e cable that is used to communicate with a CT clip meter and the inverter. I'm not messing around with electrics!
Continuity test done on the Cat5e and all is good. Tidied up the cabling as well. In the next episode I'll see if I can get the three 32kg batteries up to my loft without killing myself or wrecking the ceiling. Stay tuned for next weekends' episode... 😁
Picture of a Lap multimeter displaying a resistance of 0.005 kOhms demonstrating that I haven't gubbed the cable as I've pulled it through various holes and past various obstacles.
A picture inside my loft showing my cable running up a lift truss keeping it nice and neat. This contrasts with the pile of boxes (that just about everyone has in their loft) in the background.

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