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Hello #Fediverse #community,

As mentioned in my limited post yesterday, I have a #question about #Diaspora* on the #Onion-Network.

I discovered a Diaspora* pod ( http://connect25lovylmq.onion ) on the #darknet, and because I was curious I opened an account there.
In the meantime I discovered a second pod there ( http://connectkjsazkwud.onion/ ).

My question now would be, does anyone have #experience with Diaspora* on the darknet, or even an #account there?
I would also be interested to know how many pods there are.

For #Feedback and #Exchange of experience I would be grateful.

Have a nice Sunday everybody! 😊
Why is the Onion network "the darknet"? Because you adopt mainstream media notions?
It is just a more anonymous means of transport.
You may be right, but the onion network is often called the darknet or deep web.
Do you have experience with Diaspora* pods there?
No unfortunately not. However these onion addresses will be obsolete soon.
Tor v3 addresses are much longer for better security/privacy.
Yes, I have read that too. Many site owners already have redirect pages that redirect v2 links to v3 pages.
A few things:
  • The deep web and the dark net are not the same things
  • A challenge to running diaspora pods as (only) hidden services is that they cannot interact with the regular (non-hidden) pods, as the non-hidden pods generally cannot resolve/route to .onion hosts. I briefly allowed users to access my pod via Tor, but realized that making a non-hidden service available via a hidden service doesn’t make sense
  • Diaspora pods cannot tolerate a hostname change, so when v2 services change to v3, they will lose their ability to federate
Thanks for your feedback @Brad Koehn ☑️, I have noticed that I can follow non-hidden accounts/pods, the posts are also brought over to the hidden-web, but of course the users I follow don't get any notification about it, and can't interact with my pod in the hidden-web either.
And yes, you are right hidden-web is a better name than dark web or deep web.

I didn't know what you mentioned in your last point, so it's only a matter of time before pod addresses become obsolete. ...

@billyIdl, thank you for your Infomation about the onion-link 😀
I also created a test account at http://connect25lovylmq.onion. Problem I had so far is that apparently no images of foreign contributions to my test account are feathered. And vice versa, I don't see my normal Diaspora accounts when I Like their posts or add them to my contacts with the test account. For comments and reshare the same.
What nickname do you use over there?
I was able to follow your account.
The first post I see from you there is your Perry Rhodan 17 post.
I have the user nobody@connect25lovylmq.onion.

The problem is, as I said, apparently that the connection to normal Diaspora servers is only one-way and even there no attached images are federated.
I found you 😀
Yes, it's one way, but sometimes images are federated too, I think...
As far as I know, diaspora never ever federates images. These are always hyperlinks/urls pointing to the origin pod (or external source).
Some diaspora*-Pods run the recommended "camo"-service which is kinda proxy so the request goes to the own pod and that pod catches the image from it's source and delivers to the user.
This way the origin pod does not get the users IP-adress and for TOR-Users it means: They don't need an exit-node.

And about exit-nodes…
but realized that making a non-hidden service available via a hidden service doesn’t make sense
Yes indeed, hidden services only make sense if you want to hide your server. The only other advantage I see is that the user doesn't need an exit-node so it's a little less effort/traffic for the onion network and a little less knowledge for one participant (the exit node).
But all of this is marginal.

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