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Educated people on my #whatsapp about the updated terms, also made some of them to switch to #signal #riot and #telegram . Finally deleted my #WhatsApp account today!
So happy for you Vishnu, I didn't have that luck 🙁
It's just a matter of preference. But sometime, we have to follow the herd. Sorry for you.
Thanks, it is a weird shit...I have students that send me messages of...but teach, I already accept it. I talk them.about privacy and no one change the mind. Here, the phone companies even gives you free WhatsApp and free YouTube
Thats the level of trust WhatsApp has planted in their minds. Now they are gonna be the victims without even realizing. Only a few are lucky enough to come out of it. Here too most of the platforms are free and all the broadband plans comes with unlimited data. It takes will power to use it wisely. 😅
I love Signal too, but (if I may ask) how will you get in touch with people that don't have Signal or another end-to-end encrypted messaging app now, unencrypted cellular calls and SMS?
Most of my contacts have been already on the Telegram. The only thing is that they were active on WhatsApp. So that made it easy for me to make the switch. And for the rest still using only WhatsApp, I don't care since they themselves doesn't give a shit about their privacy. To answer your question: yeah, most likely it'll be cellular calls.
I see.. Best of luck with your endeavour 🙂

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