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Microsoft’s strategy for hijacking the Free Software movement
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tomgrz diaspora
It will be interesting to see what MS does with GitHug, as it continues to lose money. Is the information it provides sufficient to keep their stockholders happy?
There is no reason to code if microsoft eventually gets involved. Everyone should host their own git repos from now on. The "free thing" is just another model of revenue for corporate. As in politics when someone talks about freedom and love; power, influence and control is somewhat assured.

Corpos are what they are because they have left their humanity, billionaire is an unethical term an you shouldn't trust them.

Why you shouldn't trust them?

Because lf I have a million, 999,999 people in the world lack a dollar. If I have a billion...

There is no freedom in their hearts, because they are slaves of their own ambition. They don't know what freedom is.

There is no love in their hearts, because they are desperate for control and extinction.
tomgrz diaspora
Don't you see? GitHug is the linkedin of Software, with a little Facebook thrown in. Git is only a part of it.