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Of course I know! Which is the fucking difference between filtering this Coronavirus', H1N1's, H5N1's or the common Flu ones' sprays?

Imagine if Doctors and Health personel use them wrong, what can do Lebron, Mary, John, Breyona, Papa Joe or Granny Otilia!
No, I am not. I am smart enough to read virologists' papers.

NOTICE: Don't you have anything to say about the issue, and not me?

You are too close to the ad hominem falacy, and "no-argument-interventions" that usually wipe clucking guys from my walls. BEWARE!

Anythig to input
All respiratory virus spread the same way. You don't need to look for a paper to understand it. If you want it, please don't be lazy. You have the same Internet connection and much more time to waste in life than me.
No. It wasn't. But I won't do your job.

Neither shall remain in this stupid interchange. If you have something smart and/or documented to refute my inputs, feel free. Else, keep silent.
And where the fuck did I say they were the same, you asshole?

You got blocked.

Bye bye.

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