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My Mastodon Posts June 2020

- Graphics Tools Poll
- List of Distros Officials
- Graphics Tools List
- User Friendly Resources
- Awesome Free Software
- Peertube Guide for YouTubers
- Librehost Overview of Mine
- Libre Speed Test
- Alternative World vs Gafam

#freesw #foss #mastodon
Poll about graphics free software we use the most between Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, and other.<br><br>It is my first poll ever in all social networks and I didn't expect it to be a big success with hundreds of participants and a lot of reshares and likes. Oh, and it is still 1 day left to go.My post about list of GNU/Linux distros we can follow at Mastodon showing a picture of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, etc., and with hundreds of reshares and likes and replies.My post titled Ubuntu 20.04 Graphic Design Suite with a picture of Akira, GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, etc. It was originally published on post titled User Friendly Resources to Learn GNU/Linux with three pictures of, and, and websites.

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List of Popular Free Software with GNU GPL License





Plasma 5



GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita and MyPaint

MySQL and MariaDB




#GNU #gpl
Job News You Can Follow at Mastodon

Sharing is very appreciated.

:fediverse: @fossjobs
Free and open source jobs feed.

:fediverse: @infosec_jobs
Jobs and Talents in the Cyber Security space.

:fediverse: @linuxjobsio
Official account of, FOSS Jobs in the US.

:fediverse: @FLOX_advocate
Our friend who often posts about FLOSS conferences and jobs.

#job #career #freesoftware #opensource

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Libre Software Phones

Sharing is very appreciated.

:ubuntu: Ubuntu Touch by @ubports, PINE64, Volla and Fairphone

:ubuntu: Volla Phone by @volla

:purism: Librem by @purism

🍍 PinePhone by @PINE64

:android: /e/ by @efoundation

:android: Fairphone by @Fairphone

Worth mentioning: PostmarketOS @postmarketOS and Plasma Mobile @plasmamobile.


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Self-Hosting Resources Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated.

:verified: Freedombox, fastest way to #selfhosting

📩 Mail In A Box, email selfhosting

:gnu: Yunohost, all-in-one selfhosting package

:nextcloud: Nextcloud Devices

👍 Awesome List

💚 Awesome Directory

📻 Podcast

#Yunohost #Freedombox #FreeSoftware

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A Summary of GNU/Linux OSes Released Recently (September 2021)

:elementary: elementary OS 6 "Odin"

:debian: Debian 11 "Bullseye"

:ubuntu: Ubuntu 20.04 III

:gnu: Zorin OS 16

:gnu: Sparky 6

:gnu: LibreELEC 10

Sharing is very appreciated.

#GNU #Linux #FreeSoftware #Releases

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What is #Fediverse?

We can tell our friends :fediverse: is consisted of these choices:

:friendica: Friendica

:peertube: PeerTube

:mastodon: Mastodon

:pixelfed: Pixelfed

:writeas: Writeas

🦋 Owncast

:fediverse: More choices:

Sharing is very appreciated.

#SocialMedia #PeerTube #Mastodon
Android Resources Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated.

:fdroid: F-Droid

:verified: Community

:android: Droid-Break

🔒 PRISM-Break

:fsf: FSF

:androidalt: Reset The Net

📱 Devices Recommendation

:fsfe: Free Your #Android!

See also:

#FreeSoftware #Apps #Recommendation
What do you think of Apertium?

#Apertium is web based language translator that is #FreeSoftware #OpenSource -- think of Google Translate except it's libre.
Apertium, a Google Translate alternative that is free software.
How to use #XMPP for beginners?

Sharing is very appreciated.

1. Visit

2. Register yourself an account.

3. Login to

4. Add a friend's contact. For starter, it's OK to add me

5. Start chatting.

Note: #Movim enables you voice and video calls as well as photo and file sharing. On Android phone, you can try #Conversations to login to Movim and chat.

#Communication #FreeSoftware
Choosing Matrix #Messengers for New User Made Simple

:verified: Sharing is very appreciated.


:matrix: We will briefly compare chat bubbles on apps like Element, FluffyChat, Nheko, #SchildiChat and Spectral #Matrix Apps.

Sharing is very appreciated.

A Google Translate web front-end with freedom and privacy -- :gnu: AGPL licensed, :verified: no JavaScript and is used by :firefox: Privacy Redirect. Let's welcome 🌻 #Invidious for any language translation.

#FreeSoftware #Google #Privacy
My Way of Recommending Free Software Messengers to Others

Sharing is very appreciated.

:verified: I respect their choices without questioning nor challenging them.

❤️ Use #FreeSoftware messenger that you need or works for you.

🌻 I am not forceful in inviting others to one decentralized or not.

:gnu: I support all #LibreSoftware licensed #messengers and I prioritize ones which support #GNU+#Linux over ones which do not.

:telegram: :signal: :wire: 🤐mpp: :matrix: :fediverse: :snikket: ✉️ 🗨️ ☎️
My Messenger Recommendation Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated.

You can show this to #friends & #family and let them choose one instant messenger quickly.

#FreeSoftware #Communication #Messengers
Do you know :jitsi: Jitsi Meet?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Visit, create your room, and video call your friends or family with no signup, no additional app required. #Jitsi is video conference for everyone and is a good #alternative to Zoom.

#FreeSoftware #VideoConference #Facebook #WhatsApp
While the official Jitsi is today owned by a US company and the main instance uses Google tracking, there are many free instances, as long as Jitsi stays free. For Germany, I use or the lists of Jitsi and BigBlueButton on to find one available really free instance. examined the main Jitsi instance.

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Installing your own Jitsi instance on a cheap VPS is very easy, just follow the self-hosting guide.
Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers

Sharing is very appreciated.

Dell :ubuntu: 🇺🇸

Entroware :ubuntu: :mate: 🇬🇧

Lenovo :ubuntu: :fedora: 🇨🇳

FSF :fsf: 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 :trisquel:

Purism :purism: :qubes: 🇺🇸

System76 :ubuntu: :popos: 🇺🇸

Curated List of #GNU #Linux Preloaded PCs :gnu: :linux:

#Computer #FreeSoftware

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Another great option: Slimbook
Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers II

Sharing is very appreciated.

Kubuntu Focus :kubuntu: 🇺🇸

Laptop With Linux :zorin: 🇳🇱

PineBook :manjaro: 🇨🇳

Slimbook :kde: :ubuntu: 🇪🇸

Star Labs :elementary: 🇬🇧

ThinkPenguin :linuxmint: :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Tuxedo :opensuse: 🇩🇪

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers III

Sharing is very appreciated.

Juno :ubuntu: 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

LAC :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :centos: :opensuse: 🇺🇸

Laptop Mountain :linuxmint: 🇺🇸

Linux Certified :ubuntu: :fedora: :linuxmint: :redhat: 🇺🇸

The Linux Laptop :archlinux: :centos: :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :opensuse: :zorin: 🇺🇸

Curated List :gnu: :linux:
Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers IV

Sharing is very appreciated.

Nitro :qubes: :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :debian: 🇩🇪

Technoethical :trisquel: 🇷🇴 🇪🇺

Minifree :trisquel: 🇬🇧

Vikings :trisquel: 🇩🇪

Libiquity :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Mostly Harmless :trisquel: :pureos: :debian: 🇮🇳

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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@spla is there in Catalunya some place? since i install the OS, I don't know other that this recycle:

Outlet-PC (you can choose OS)
Banc de recursos
(it sells, but also give to associations with low budget)
Reciclanet (association in Euskalherria (Spanish state) that sells and recycle for more than 20years)
hello my friend olamundo, unfortunately I do not know or I forgot if there is a link for Latin America and Brazil.

However, I found this one just a second after first reply to you What is your opinion, Amigo?
Security Resources About Intel Management Engine

Sharing is very appreciated.

👉 PTSecurity (team who first disabled Intel ME)

👉 Coreboot

👉 LibreBoot

👉 Purism

👉 Nitro Laptops

👉 Joanna (Qubes founder)

👉 Heads

👉 Notebook Check Net

#Security #Hardware #Intel #Coreboot #Purism #Qubes #Computer

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Are you looking for a #FreeSoftware job?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Univention, a German company that creates #Univention GNU/Linux server systems, opens several #jobs and IT vacancies including #devops and #python programming positions.

🇩🇪 :gnu: :linux: :nextcloud: :opensource: :python:

#gnu #linux #opensource #career
Univention website with job vacancies displayed which among them are GNU/Linux devops and Python software developer.
Alternative to Google Forms, Full Featured and FLOSS: CryptPad

Sharing is very appreciated.

#CryptPad #GoogleForms #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Privacy #Alternative #AGPL

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Please share privacy tools you use everyday.

Mine are:

- Ublock Origin, my ad blocker
- Startpage, search engine I use
- KeePassXC, my password safe
- CryptPad, my online forms
- GNU Privacy Guard, my digital keys
- GNU/Linux, my operating system

I recommend reading as a start.

Boosts are highly appreciated.

#Privacy #FreeSoftware #OpenSource
What video conferencing free software do you use everyday?

Please share your #FreeSoftware solutions.


Please boosts if you want to make people aware of ethical alternatives to Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Jitsi Meet (81%, 17 votes)
  • Big Blue Button (4%, 1 vote)
  • Other, please comment (14%, 3 votes)
21 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Just a note, the site is actually
I would never recomend a ~libre~ Open Source™ campaign that gets rid of the "GNU" term.

Introducing people to the wrong, market-driven, approach to FLOSS would be more harmful then leave them using Windows®.

I don't use GNU/Linux only because it is faster, steadier and more private.

I use it because it preserves my liberties and by doing so it was able to evolve into so many different forms.
I would never recomend a ~libre~ Open Source™ campaign that gets rid of the "GNU" term.

Introducing people to the wrong, market-driven, approach to FLOSS would be more harmful then leave them using Windows®.

I don't use GNU/Linux only because it is faster, steadier and more private.

I use it because it preserves my liberties and by doing so it was able to evolve into so many different forms.
I would never recomend a libre Open Source™ campaign that gets rid of the "GNU" term.

Introducing people to the wrong, market-driven, approach to FLOSS would be more harmful then leave them using Windows®.

I don't use GNU/Linux only because it is faster, steadier and more private.

I use it because it preserves my liberties and by doing so it was able to evolve into so many different forms.
thank you very much, Amigo, for your opinion. I agree with you. This is the right time to share GNU Users Who Have Never Heard of GNU:

We call it the name "Linux" because it is easier and implies the use of most of the other things. If one wanted to know specifically I would just say.
A good analogy; I won't walk up to people and introduce myself with my full name and list of all my hobbies:
Hi I'm Aaron ***** ***** and I like running, biking, rocketry...
I will say:
Hi, I'm Aaron, what's your name?
and then the conversation grows from there adding things as necessary.
In conclusion, stop saying GNU/Linux
I'm sorry for how I wrote that, and I didn't intend those posts to be interpreted as an attack on anyone's values. I failed to find the right wording to properly state the point I was making. If you want, you can choose to watch this video to understand what I was trying to explain:
I think one improvement in this catergory that we could make is instead of using the super long F/LOSS maybe just using something like Libre Licensed...
It has sort of a Creative Commons vibe to it, and is much shorter, more memorable, and it's the most important part of the F/LOSS acronym anyway...
Hey @fsf and @fsfe make this a thing!
Do you have Codeberg account?

Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

  • Yes, I do (46%, 465 votes)
  • No, I don't (32%, 327 votes)
  • What's Codeberg? (20%, 209 votes)
1001 voters. Poll end: 4 months ago

Have you ever heard of OneDev?

Think about GitLab, but smaller, simpler, lighter, with GUI and CI/CD all fits in a Docker container.

This can be an alternative to #Gitea for programmers who #GiveupGithub. Please boost if you are a programmer.

Further readings:


Source code:

#GitLab #GitHub #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Education
OneDev, a rich-featured and lightweight GitHub and GitLab alternative
Never Heard of it tough I use #codeberg and have experience in using #github like services , But thanks I will definitely dig some information about it🙂.
What's your printer that works with GNU/Linux?

Please share the brand and model. For example, mine is Canon MP160 and it works with 100% free software distro, #Trisquel, without manually installing driver.

Please share to boost adoption of GNU/Linux in professional works and offices. Thank you.

#printer #freesoftware #opensource #openprinting #canon #epson #gnu #linux
Canon MP160, a printer with multifunction scanner and photocopy, works with GNU/Linux like Trisquel and Ubuntu without manual installation of drivers.
Do you know Yunohost?

If you love self-hosting, please boost.

#Debian #GNU #Linux #Yunohost #SelfHosting #Nextcloud #PeerTube
Yunohost GNU/Linux, a server operating system based on Debian with easy to use GUI designed for self-hosting purposes and enabling everyone to have their own servers. See

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Peazip is a free archive manager software.

It is a libre alternative to the proprietary (nonfree) Windows Explorer and WinRAR software.

It is available for GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

#Peazip #ArchiveManager #FreeSoftware #LibreAlternatives
Peazip, a free archive manager software.
When was the #fediverse started?

Let's toot and boost.

In the beginning, it was a very small place in form of social networks, interconnected to each others.

Now, look at #Mastodon, the biggest twitter-like fedi, and today we even have #Castopod, a podcasting fedi, with 5 millions users and it's still counting.

The world's starting to accept it.

It pushes the creation & development of these social media:

#ForgeFriends, and

What's more?
Castopod, a new social media network for podcasting from the Fediverse.
Following the post above (please let your friends know), here's the official websites:

:mastodon: Mastodon

😛eertube: PeerTube

😛ixelfed: Pixelfed

:diaspora: Diaspora





Further readings is here

Thank you.

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What's your security website recommendation?

I love to read beginner friendly computer #security resources. Please share yours.

Infosec HB *

Privacy Tools **

Prism Break

Privacy Guides


Bruce Schneier


Messengers Comparison


*) At the moment cannot be visited unless via the Internet Archive.

**) I prefer the previous version before the authors left and created Privacy Guides. Can be visited via the Internet Archive.
How do you keep your GPG keys?

Please share your practices especially if you often emailing while switching between operating systems and/or computers.

#security #gpg #email
What's your favorite Debian website pages?

Please share 5 of yours. Mine's as the following:

1. Patent FAQ

This page opened my eyes that software patent is a dangerous threat against our community.

2. Download

Where I download Debian and then share it.

3. Planet

I subscribed to this.

4. Social

My new favorite. Yours too.

5. Brands

For helping people.

Please reshare.
Debian Social, a collection of useful online community services provided by Debian.

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Signify for key signing. age for key encryption.

PGP is dead. End of story.
To every news website:

When publishing computer malware news that affects only Microsoft Windows, I politely urge you to say explicitly that the malware affects only Windows and not another world class operating systems, namely, GNU/Linux and BSD.

Please do not steer public to a false opinion that computer operating systems are only Windows without other (more secure) alternatives.

See and at for example.

Boosts are appreciated.

List of Free Software Projects that Deserve Donation

If you want to donate, see the donate links below.

1. FSF

2. The Linux Kernel

3. LibreOffice

4. LibreOffice AppImage

5. Mozilla

6. KDE and GNOME

7. Software Freedom Conservancy (Git, QEMU, Inkscape, ...)

8. Software in the Public Interest (Arch, Debian, 0 A.D., ...)

9. NLNet (PostmarketOS, PeerTube, ...)

10. Kubuntu

11. PowerPC Notebook

12. KiCAD and FreeCAD

Please share your list too under this tag #FreeSoftwareDonation.
Software Freedom Conservancy donation page.
Free Software Foundation donation page.
SPI donation page.
Debian donation page.
Do you like functional programming?

Could you please inspire us what language you use, the purpose, and the benefit?

PS: I'm interested in GNU Guix.

#Computer #Programming #LISP #Scheme #Guile #NixOS #Guix

  • Yes, I like functional programming. (63%, 7 votes)
  • No, I don't like it. (9%, 1 vote)
  • I don't know about it. (27%, 3 votes)
11 voters. Poll end: 3 months ago

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What's your favorite projects on @codeberg?

Please share. Mine's as the following:

1. Switching Software

2. Spyware Watchdog

3. Codeberg Documentation

4. ForgeFed

5. Linux Cafe Federation

6. Tirnanog Adventure, Action, RPG Game Maker

7. Liblast Libre Blast FPS Game

8. Libreda Libre Silicon Chips

9. FreeCAD

10. Ladue Computer Science

Tip: use search feature to find projects you love.

#Codeberg #giveupgithub #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux #SelfHosting

Are you a teacher?

Please share what #FreeSoftware do you use at #school so we can exchange solutions.

For example, at my online course I use for myself and students:

- GNU/Linux
- LibreOffice Writer
- LibreOffice Calc
- LibreOffice Impress
(Open Document Format is mandatory for all)
- Firefox browser
- Jitsi Meet
- Geany
- WordPress
- CryptPad
- F-Droid

If you love #education, please boost.
Jitsi Meet, an online video conferencing teachers should choose instead of Zoom or Google Meet.

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What #education did you do for free software and people in your country?

Please share your experience.

Boosts are very appreciated.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #School

  • I teach Free Software at school/university. (18%, 3 votes)
  • I teach Free Software at online courses. (6%, 1 vote)
  • I did conferences and gatherings on Free Software (43%, 7 votes)
  • Other, please comment (31%, 5 votes)
16 voters. Poll end: 2 months ago

Offer free (as in beer and freedom) services to people from my country
How many of you recently getting started to Emacs?

If you love :emacs:, please boost.

If you use :emacs: for under 1 year, please share your experience.

If you use :emacs: for programming or anything else, please share.

#Emacs #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #OrgMode

  • Yes, I recently started to use Emacs (20%, 3 votes)
  • Yes, with some issues (please share) (13%, 2 votes)
  • Yes, I already use Org-mode (60%, 9 votes)
  • Yes, but I need more resources to learn (6%, 1 vote)
15 voters. Poll end: 2 months ago

Let's Share Free Software

What's free software you use the most everyday? I work as a course teacher and mine's as the following.

:gnu: :linux: GNU/Linux

:kde: KDE, Dolphin, Gwenview & Okular

:firefox: Firefox

:jitsi: Jitsi

:libreoffice: LibreOffice Writer & Calc

:thunderbird: Thunderbird

:youtube: VLC

:inkscape: Inkscape

:debian: Synaptic & apt

If you use #FreeSoftware, please boost. Thanks.

#GNU #Linux #OpenSource #Education
New Wikipedia Page: SimulIDE


To the FLOSS community, if you have Wikipedia account, please help improve this draft page about SimulIDE, a cross-platform, free/open source electronic circuit simulator software. Once published, it will introduce this great, unknown free software to the world.

If you love #freesoftware, please boost.

#SimulIDE #Electronics #AVR #Arduino #PIC #Microcontrollers #Simulator #OpenSource #GNU #Linux
Some ElectronJS alternatives:






Proton Native



#Desktop #JavaScript #NodeJS #Chromium #ElectronJS #Alternatives #Tauri
Free Software Job (1)

Please help boosting this.

Rocket Chat opens several career positions. It is the #FOSS self-hostable, teamwork chat developed with MeteorJS.

#Job #FreeSoftware #OpenSource
RocketChat careers web page.
Do you selfhost your own email?

If yes, please share your software setup.

Boost is very appreciated.

#Email #Postfix #Dovecot #Thunderbird #Mailcow #IRedMail #Mailinabox #Yunohost #Selfhosting

  • Yes, I selfhost my own email. (47%, 9 votes)
  • No, I don't. (52%, 10 votes)
19 voters. Poll end: 4 weeks ago

Email selfhosting software you can consider:

Boost is very appreciated.


Mail in a Box





Docker MailServer

Lavabit Magma

Yunohost GNU/Linux

All of them are #FOSS.

#Email #Server #Selfhosting
This #selfhosting poll got around 100 participants in just one day.

Feel free to participate, share your #email setup, and #freesoftware.

Boosting poll above is very appreciated. Thank you.
No yet but I am in progress of migrate all my GSuite stuff to an own instance of Nextcloud+email, but can't afford a self-hosting now so I am stucked by months.
The settings is explained in and I succesfully done.
Code Hosting Software

Boost is very appreciated.



FusionForge CE



GitLab CE




Rhodecode CE



#FOSS #Forge #GiveupGithub
you are welcome, Amigo. Nice to meet you again!
What FOSS games do you play?

Please share yours for example #SuperTuxKart.

Boost is very appreciated.

#FOSS #Games #GNU #Linux #Poll

  • 0 A.D. (Strategy Game) (50%, 5 votes)
  • Speed Dreams (Racing Game) (0%, 0 votes)
  • FlightGear (Aircraft Game) (0%, 0 votes)
  • Other FOSS games. Please comment. (50%, 5 votes)
10 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

0 A.D. is at Mastodon @play0ad. You can say hello to them.

Speed Dreams is at Mastodon also @speed_dreams_official. You might want to say hi to them too.

Thanks for the mention. Just one thing, our official website is . The one you have posted is completely outdated and abandoned by its previous administrator and we don't have any control over it.
This entry was edited (4 weeks ago)
I play a bunch of them. Sadly you can only pick one.

But all of them are pretty cool.
What FOSS statistics application do you use?

Please share academic #FOSS for statistics here. Boost is very appreciated.







Python for Statistics

#Statistics #Science #Academia
Do you still use Usenet Newsgroups?

Please share your recommended #computer related newsgroups. Boost is very appreciated.

#Usenet #Newsgroup #Email

  • Yes, I am still using it. (14%, 1 vote)
  • No, I no longer use it. (57%, 4 votes)
  • I don't have an idea about Newsgroups. (28%, 2 votes)
7 voters. Poll end: 2 weeks ago

can’t vote w/my client, but I’ll say that I quit #Usenet just a few yrs ago when #Mixmaster was dropped from #Debian. That’s the only reason I’m off usenet otherwise I would still be using it.
But wasn't Mixmaster a remailer?
Sure, though traffic is abysmal there nowadays. Via local #noffle and #slrn 😀
#usenet, the original distributed social network.
What is your desktop email client?

Please share yours.

#Email #FreeSoftware

  • Thunderbird (72%, 8 votes)
  • Evolution (0%, 0 votes)
  • Claws Mail (0%, 0 votes)
  • Other (Sylpheed, Emacs, etc.), please comment (27%, 3 votes)
11 voters. Poll end: 4 days ago

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