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New posts not possible since update to latest develop code

!Friendica Admins

I currently cannot write new posts of my instance as this #JavaScript #bug blocks it from happening, it is not theme-related:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).editor_autocomplete is not a function
    jQuery 4

Plus I get a similar 2nd JavaScript error:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).search_autocomplete is not a function

Any quick ideas? Cleaning up browser cache is already numerously done by myself. #Firefox 78 #ESR is in use here.

PS: I know github, maybe someone knows a solution before I open a ticket there?
PS: This was wall-posted, means I wrote it on the other instance to not have the JS error. Works really awesome, guys!
But the forum node is on current develop as well. 😀 But it doesn't use the deprecated/unmaintained xmpp add-on.
Ah, I just see. The message is generated by the XMPP addon. There is a reason why it is deprecated 😀 It interferes with the system. Pleaxe deactivate it.
@Michael Vogel @Steffen K9 🐰 Any replacement? And the first message does not include it. But I give it a try! Thank you so far. 😀
@Steffen K9 🐰 @Michael Vogel for the future, if any addon is deprecated, I would recommend a deprecation method, not like the @Deprecated annotation (PHP doesn't issue warnings) but e.g. some API call: App::isDeprecated(); or so.
This has nothing to do with the latest changes to the database structure, so I hope that @Hypolite Petovan does know more about it.
@Michael Vogel The XMPP plugin is also something that we need to fix (I don't know how I can do it), as the ejabberd_auth.php script reads the password from database which had been modified by the XMPP plugin to a random password. Maybe another "hook" is needed here? Somewhere when the login credentials are entered (clear-text then) so it can be passed over to the pconfig table?
It is a JS issue - and this is something that's completely outside of my comfort zone. That's the reason why I'm not working at it.
@Michael Vogel Leaving your comfort zone is required for many life phases. ;) But that goes a bit to far here. ;) E.g. it could be that comfort zones narrowing over time, then people stop washing dishes, cleaning up their apartments or anything that is not comfortable for them.

But yeah, I'm loosing here. ;) Let's wrap this bug up: FIXED! Thank you both for hinting it to me, that xmpp is deprecated. It is now deactivated and all is back to normal. Appreciated a lot!

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