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L'OMS réécrit la définition de l'immunité, pour affirmer qu'elle n'existerait que par la voie du vaccin.

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It is difficult to understand WHO's speaking, with powerful globalist's dick in its mouth.

Never forget that Dr Thefrauds Adsstealon Praytojesus is the corrupt former Minister of the always corrupt government of the corrupt and starved Ethiopy; and belonged to marxist leninist Tigray's popular liberation front.

You cannot believe him even if he says the Sun is round and yellow.

Herd immunity and the mean use of PCR are what explains the absurd figures of infection and morbility.
They have modified this definition and also pandemics one, but forgot to redefine "disesase" (the D of CoviD) that needs of symptoms to be.

This is the firs plague ever in which the great majority of infected present no symptoms nor damage.

F O !!!

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