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Switching Software is a beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS apps and federated services. You can follow at:

➡️ @switchingsoftware

The guide's website is at

Thes a git for the project at

#SwitchingSoftware #Privacy #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Alternatives #Federation #Federated #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #DeleteMicrosoft #DeleteAmazon

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in the process of this right now. Thanks for the link. 😀
ah thanks for the heads up 😀
this thread is also interesting, where #swiso disregards warnings about #Liberapay & opts to proactively endorse them:
A project with a privacy mission that tries to get people to use a #Cloudflare service has an inherent integrity & trust problem.
what's wrong with cloudflare privacy? I did a search, but there's no obvious reasons to tar and feather them as abusers.
have a look at the top post here, & be sure to click the arrow next to "Liberapay is a CloudFlare website". See also
One thing that people tend to despise is that #Cloudflare doxxed a child abuse whistle blower. That is, someone reported an offending CF site to CF, and CF then disclosed their identity to the site owner, who then published it so users of that site could retaliate. When Matthew Prince (the CEO) was confronted about it, he said the whistle blower "should have used a fake name".
Aha, Cloudflare is used to persecute whistle-blowers also,

DID YOU KNOW: #Cloudflare helped to build the #closedSilo, that produced the #ChristchurchMassacre ?

Funny how they quickly want us to forgot that, but the #Jan6 distraction is milked to the hilt.

Delete Cloudflare
ɸ #Cloudflare, #Facebook are used to #rig the #elections. The #Clintons, #Mueller, the FIBS control the digital #PKI keys to the net via Cloudflare since around 2000 and it is connected to #Crowdstrike , used to attack patriots.


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