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I've been using Briar to communicate with family and I really like it. It is a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging app and you can even create private groups, forums and blogs with it! The messages are stored securely on your device and not in the cloud. You can connect with your friends through Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth. There's no voice, video or file exchange support, though. It's only a great and secure text app. I really like it! Have you tried it? What are your thoughts about it?


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I like Briar a lot, it's security and ethics. Open Source, peer-to-peer can use tor and Bluetooth mesh. I'm looking for something to tempt my family away from WhatsApp but I'm tied between as it is also peer-to-peer but has video chat and data sharing. Do you know if Briar is planning this in the future? #tox #briar
I think that that might be on the menu! They are preparing some tests that will probably include something related. 😁 @briar Am I right? But I' don't know when that will happen. 😁 In the meantime I'm using Element for that. I am still waiting for an opportunity to test #Tox...
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I'm also using element as well 😄 I think/hope the future for a better and fairer social web is either federated (like here on mastodon & Matrix) or Peer-to-peer. I hope Briar have video, voice and data in their project sights.
Does Briar have a solution to the multiple-device-identity (you can see the same chat from multiple devices) problem or the problem that two devices can't exchange messages asynchronously (both have to be online at the same time)?
As far as I understand, both have to be online at the same time because there are no servers connecting them. So, both devices have to be online at the same time to be able to decrypt the E2EE messages. And I also believe that each device has to have its own identity. I believe that #Jami has a solution for those issues, at least for the multiple-device-identity but it has to use a server between devices to allow for that.
I was about to try this one when I heard it's peer-to-peer, then I found out that I cannot install it on my fiancee's phone because they don't have an iOS app.
Yes, that's right. 🙁
@João Pinheiro Unfortunately Jami doesn't work perfectly either. When I called my brother in Switzerland I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear him. I hope they will fix it.
@João Pinheiro you can use trade-free service for files and photos up to 4gb.
Thank you. That's not an issue to me. 😁
I would recommend #onionshare for file and photo for peer to peer transfer of files and pictures via #tor browser. Same peer to peer principle as briar uses. no server necessary.
Thank you!
yes, but tor browser is available for smartphones using android as well via guardian project:
@Dr. Linkspopulist tried that. Does not open auto if I press my link provided. Need to copy the link. Open TOR browser. Paste link. And the link asks password and username??? No idea I did not add any password or username. I don't think so people have so much time to do that... Did you tried download my file yourself?
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Tried it yes! The person I was trying with just constantly went offline for some reason and wanted calls and group calls as well so we stuck with Signal 😀
My thoughts: it drained my battery and when my phone broke I had no way to get my account to my replacement phone. So I do not use briar any more.
Also multi-client is a must-have for me. Typing messages on my smartphone is PITA. I'd prefer my notebook or tablet for conversations with more than 20 characters.

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